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Re: Downloading everything under .../Everything .../Fedora

Frank Murphy wrote:
On Sat, 2008-06-21 at 08:32 -0400, David Boles wrote:
Frank Murphy wrote:
What is the best method to download everything under
the ../Everything .../Fedora from one of the mirrors wget?
waht options

Need the F9 stuff for testing.

Why would you want to download 'everything'? To fill up space on your hard drive? ;-)

Seriously. That would be in the neighborhood of 9+ gigs of packages. Why not just install what you want to test?

Basically at the moment I know it's not \*usb\* or \*mouse\* is my
problem, everything else I need to test one package at a time :)

The upside is I may eventually be able to use them as a local repo,

Well that is your choice of course.

But do you really need all of the office suites? All of GNOME? Or KDE? Or Apache? All of the language packages? ;-)

And Anne is correct here. Fedora has said before that some things just don't play together well.

If you are looking for a local repo of packages that you can install on several machines why not just set yum to keep the package(s) that you download and use them on the other machines instead of downloading all of these packages? Most of which you will not use anyway.



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