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Re: Any hope of KDE 3.5 in F10? I want it too !

On Sat June 21 2008 16:53:07 David Boles wrote:
> Hey Mike. Have you ever seen software released when it was scheduled to be
> released?  ;-)  Not games (especially games), not drivers, not anything.

KDE 4.0 was released on schedule in January.  KDE 4.1 is still on track
for July.

> Except Linux distro releases. And those slip too.

Most Fedora and Ubuntu releases are on time.  Which distro do you use?

> I don't recall if you replied to my basic questions about this situation.

Yes, I answered your questions.

> Did you look first? Live-CD try first? Or just jump in? If you skipped one,
> or two, or both one and two, you should be kicking your own butt for your
> 'problems' and not Fedora's and the KDE team. IMO.

We installed F9 on test boxes.  F9 is not deployable because of KDE 4.
We did not put F9 on any production boxes.

Please see the subject of this thread.  The question is not whether
people were surprised by KDE 4.  Everyone knows KDE 4 will take a
while before it's useful.  Even Aaron is disappointed that critical
functionality missed not only 4.0 but also 4.1.

The question is whether Fedora would provide a migration path by
supporting KDE 3.5 in F10.  And the answer was a resounding "this
is too difficult so go use another distro".

--Mike Bird

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