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Re: Any hope of KDE 3.5 in F10? I want it too !

Mike Bird wrote:
On Sat June 21 2008 19:15:57 David Boles wrote:

David, you asked this question.  I answered it.  You asked if I had
answered your question and asked your question again.  I answered
your question again.  Now you reply to my answer to your question by
asking the same question again.  We tested F9 but we did not deploy
F9 because of KDE 4.

You have already admitted that you're a Gnome user rather than a KDE
user.  Yet you have posted 17 times in this KDE thread, repeating the
same questions over and over again.

Admited> No. I stated that I am a GNOME user.

KDE has done nothing wrong.  The problem is that Fedora is the only
distro not supporting KDE 3.5 until KDE 4 is ready for prime time.

And the solution, which has been repeatedly expressed here, is for
people using KDE in production environments to switch to a different
distro.  End of story.

Then, if I was you I would run to these other distros and drop Fedora like a hot brick. Oh, BTW, IMO *anyone* that would use Fedora version anything in a production environment is a fool. Fedora itself has said that. Many times.



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