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Re: Any hope of KDE 3.5 in F10? I want it too !

> Actually, I find that greatly ironic, as I switched temporarily to openSUSE 
> because IMO Fedora isn't moving fast ENOUGH for my taste.  

I too did this briefly, but they can't even keep their mirrors
operational on release day, and the system gets in your way entirely too
much, so I'm back...

> I really really 
> want to run KDE 4.1 (which IS most definitely usable as a desktop, and a 
> rather excellent one I might add)

I disagree for many uses of usable. It lacks entirely too much still
(4.00.82) for my liking. It's currently worse than Gnome for hiding
features and the like... I truly despise what I've seen of their
current direction, and there is now truly nothing that seperates KDE
from anything else. QGTKStyle ensures the apps will look native in
Gnome too, so I think I've lost interest in KDE entirely.

> Actually, the whole KDE argument was bound to be brought up.

I really don't understand it at all honestly. Fedora is about forward
looking software, why would it continue to support software that is no
longer maintained? If you really want KDE3, just set up a repo in Koji
and be done with it. Supporting KDE3 when there is KDE4 is _exactly_ the
sort of thing that is APPEALING about Fedora. KDE3 is getting _very_
little maintenance since KDE4 was released, so it would add even more of
a burden on developers. If you disagree with the rationale, go find a
distro that still has it! 

The KDE team will hate me for saying this, but what kind of respectable
KDE user uses a non-KDE distro anyways? The man-power behind KDE on
Fedora is pathetic - and I honestly hope it doesn't get better. Fedora
is a Gnome distro, and new features are considered with Gnome in mind.
KDE doesn't even have any type of SELinux support, so the leading reason
for using Fedora isn't even applicable for it... this isn't going to
change either, the bulk of KDE based distros are using AppArmor.

Before you rebuff this with "You're a Gnome zealot blah blah blah", I
was a KDE zealot for about 5 years, I just got sick of all the memory
leaks (kio_http and kio_file mostly) and the constant breakages. This
still hasn't been fixed. After about 10 days of using KDE, _all_ of my
RAM is always used (2 gigs), that is unacceptable, especially when 1.2
gigs is resident RAM. Makes it hard to do other useful things like run a
web server etc... not to mention having hard drives spinning due to swap
is _loud_.

(this post isn't directed entirely at yourself, just in general at this

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