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Re: special ftp server configuration

Martin Jürgens wrote:

i'm searching a ftp server which i can configure to do this:

user a: write access to ftpdir and ftpdir/income
user b: read access to ftpdir, write access to ftpdir/income

I'd be glad if someone could give me a hint on how to realize it a slick
way. I know some windows servers like filezilla with which realizing
such situations is no problem, but I sadly do not have an idea on how to
do this with linux, although I am neither a google- nor a a
configuration-file hater ;)

Thanks for your help,


I haven't done it, but you should be able to do this on a binary split basis with vsftpd. Do man vsftpd.conf and look at the ftp_user and guest_user descriptions. You can give them different abilities, so the people you want to have restricted write ability become anonymous ftp_users (still with password), and the people you want to have full write ability become guest users. It doesn't appear to support per user permissions, though there is something in the man about allowing people who have permissions on a directory to alter it. Maybe you can create users for your function, give them the permissions you want, and have your user a and b login with the created roles. You'd have to play around, I haven't.

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