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Re: Weird iwl3945 wireless problem

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
My laptop has an Intel 3945 wireless builtin. Under F9, I've had very few problems with it connecting. At home, I have a Linksys wrt54g and connect using WPA security. Work fine (95% of the time). Same at my mother's house, where I set up a similar router. I'm using NetworkMangler.

This past weekend, I went on vacation to an inn. In the "barn" they offered free wireless. WEP encrypted, and they gave me the passphrase.

NM found the network right off, and asked me for the passphrase. WHen it prompted, it asked for the "WEP 128 passphrase". I typed it in. The attempt timed out after 45 seconds, prompting for me to re-enter the passphrase, but this time, its a "WEP 40/128 Hexadecimal" and passphrase its trying to use is different from what I originally typed in, though I might believe it is the passphrase encrypted for the network its trying to connect to. Subsequent attempts to connect fail, whether I use what it presents back to me, or I re-select WEP-128 Passphrase and re-type in the passphrase.

Now, here's the funny part. When I retired to my room (which is supposedly out of range of the inn's wireless, since that network no longer appears in the network list), it connected right away to a nearby non-secured network.

So, NM works for me with WPA and with no security, but not with WEP? (Size of test sets: 2, 1, 1)

So, can someone tell me, please, if NM is broken (and I should file a bug), or if I was doing something wrong, and what I should have done in order to connect to the inn's network.

I'm including a cut/paste of my /var/log/messages for one of NM's connection attempts. It looks to me like NM found the network, and tried to connect, but died during DHCP lookup (ie, never got a response from the serving router).

One thing I have run into with NM and WEP is that you may have to tell it that is is a restricted network and a shared key. The reason for this is that when the router is set up that way, you have to make an encrypted connection BEFORE you try to get a dhcp lease. If you don't, then the router will not give you a lease.

One other thing - if I remember right, the default setup asks for the 128 bit key as ASCII, or hex. (Start with 0x for hex.) It does not want the pass phrase itself. There is a selection where you can give it the pass phrase, and it will generate the hex or ASCII key. I don't remember exactly how to access it - I am not on my laptop, and it has not had to do it for a while.


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