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Re: Wireless problems.

Mark Haney wrote:

>> Also it might be worth trying "iwlist scan" as root.
>> And wifi-radar is sometimes helpful.

> The problem I have isn't logging anything in syslog.  iwlist scan works,
> I can see my AP just fine.  I just can't get the card to connect to it.
>   I know the AP is fine since my laptop connects fine. I know the card
> in the box works since the XP boot on that box can connect just fine.

If "iwlist scan" sees your AP, that is 90% of the way.
This implies the card and driver are working.

Also, if "iwlist scan" works I would definitely try NM,
since that will probably see the AP too.

How exactly is the AP set up?
Is it using dhcp?

I shouldn't ask this, but do you have Windows on your computer?
If so, does Windows connect with the AP?

You say there are no messages in syslog, 
which I assume is sent to /var/log/messages.
I would have thought there must be something there,
if iwlist scan works.
(There should be something in /var/log/dmesg as well.)

Might be worth switching SELinux off, if it is on.
(Better, switch to permissive.)

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