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Re: Any hope of KDE 3.5 in F10? I want it too !

David Boles wrote:

> A sensible person would run CentOS, or RHEL, or one of the many others,
> for a server. It would be foolish to run any distro, such as Fedora, there
> are many others, in a production type situation. 

I'm glad, and a little surprised, to find that I am not "foolish",
at least in this regard.
I feel I should be given a "sensible" badge.

I acquired an incredibly cheap Dell server a few months ago,
and somewhat to my surprise found the only OS's they supported
were Centos and Windows Server (ie not what I regard as standard Windows).
In fact the whole setup was Centos- or at least Linux-based, 
even if you were using Windows Server.

I must admit Centos (5.1) has run faultlessly since I got the server.
I'm pretty sure I would have had a few problems if I had been running F-9.

One thing that slightly surprises me is that having a server
that runs 5 times as fast, with 4 times as much memory,
as my greatly-loved ancient Asus server
does not in fact seem to speed anything up noticeably.

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