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Re: Weird iwl3945 wireless problem

Matthew Saltzman wrote:

> s-c-n and friends have only one way to enter a key and no way to specify
> its type, so to distinguish hex from ascii, you need the starting '0x'
> character.  Otherwise ascii 'd3adb33f' and hex 'd3adb33f' would be
> indistinguishable.
> NM WEP has the pulldown menu to specify the key type.  So you can choose
> whether the key you enter is a passphrase or a hex key.

With me, NM occasionally gets into a loop where it keeps asking me
for my encryption key.
I feel like screaming at it, "I've already told you 5 times
what the f-ing key is".
The only solution to this I have found is to re-boot.
(Even ctrl-alt-backspace, forcing a new login, does not work.)

Admittedly this only happens about 1 time in 10.

As far as I can see, NM is completely devoid of any documentation
that could conceivably help if it does not work.
The NM developers suffer from the delusion that their toy is infallible.

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