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FC9 x86_64 powers off unexpectedly

Hi All,

My system has been spontaneously powering off once or twice a day for
the last week or so. The obvious candidate would be thermal issues, so
I took some steps to improve cooling and I believe that is fairly well
resolved. At the last power off that I was present for I checked the
CPU temp in the BIOS when it booted up and the temp was 45 degrees C.
I also tweaked some settings related to cpu voltage and powersaving
settings that seemed to help a bit (?). But still my longest run of
uptime has been about 18 hours.

I recently built this sytem, the specs are as follows:

System specs:
Fedora Core 9 x64_64
500W power supply
Core2 Duo E8400 proc @ 3Ghz
GIGABYTE GA-EP35C-DS3R LGA 775 Intel P35 motherboard
nvidia geforce 8800 GT

I've built plenty of systems before that never have had problems, but
I wouldn't completely rule out "build quality" I suppose -- I just
think it's unlikely. Can anyone give me some direction on what else I
can investigate? Any log files, BIOS settings (I know that's a little
out of the scope...), etc?

Thank you! Other than the intermittent loss of power I've really been
digging FC9 :)


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