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Re: F8 All multi media is TRIPLE SPEED!

Ric Moore wrote:

Previous poster's idea concerning CPU speed sounds like it has much
merit. That would be about all that it could be?? Is this a notebook?
For the life of me I cannot think of anything that would do this across
the board of all the various "players" of sound or video. I could see
something mis-configured in Xine causing the problem, but mplayer
wouldn't duplicate that with a different playback scheme of keyboard
bindings and setup files.
If the OP has more than one kernel installed, maybe try using the older
one? In my years, I've never heard of this one. And, is this just
happening to a few homebrew audio/video files or all audio/video files?
Like it you went to youtube, are their files playing at a higher than
normal speed? There's gotta be something somewhere to use to narrow down
the problem. You would hope, that is. :) Ric

It is happening on my desktop with the kernel, no CPU speed and a Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1.50GHz CPU.


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