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Re: CPU temp problem intel 440ZX after update of Fedora 9

Hi Paul

I had read through the series of posts regarding your CPUtemp issue. I think mine is different as following the instructons on the lm_sensors web site still gives me "no sensors detected" therefore i don't think that editing /etc/sensors.conf is going to sort it.

It seems to me that ACPI isn't populating /proc/acpi properly which as i said was working prior to updating from a vanilla install of fedora 9. Therefore one of the updates seems to have altered this behaviour. 

The fact that booting with the previous kernel doesn't change matters suggests that it was something else.
I was looking for pointers as to what files i should downgrade
(?hal) as it was working perfectly until i did the yum update

On a side note lm-sensors started warning of no sensors detected about half-way through this year when i was running fedora 8 on the laptop (which might be running a 440BX-M chipset with a 82371MB chip on it)


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