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Re: Do you remember Diva?

Valent: I'm Rick Garcia from the Saya-VE (a.k.a. Saya Video Editor) project. First of all, the good news: Saya has now seven team members (4 devs, 1 beta tester and 2 usability nazis/UI advisors - one, expert in Adobe Premiere, the other one in Sony Vegas) and an official website at SourceForge: http://sayavideoeditor.sourceforge.net/ [1]

Currently I'm writing the developers' guide.

After a long discussion in the Fedora Marketing Team mailing list (the topic being patent problems and lack of official ffmpeg releases), I'm considering switching to GStreamer, but i'm hesitating again after reading Gene's post. I also read MDK's blog entry, but he was too generic and he didn't provide any details (I've tried to contact him in a couple of occasions, but never received any reply - perhaps I said the wrong things and made him feel insulted, but there's no way to know unfortunately). 

My question is: Do you have first-hand experiences with gstreamer and can tell us why, in your opinion, it wasn't appropriate for Diva?

Rick Garcia.

[1] http://sayavideoeditor.sourceforge.net/

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