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Re: Double checking grub-install ??

William Case wrote:
I was trying to avoid wasting peoples time with a long description.

it can clear things up sometimes as they are becoming not. [excuse order
of comments. trying to reply as you have things written]

When I first boot I get the Fedora grub splash screen/menu twice --

as you mention below, twice, meaning that it appears, you select or let
it time out and boot, then it appears again, you select or let it time
out and boot to system. if so, then it sounds like you may have it
installed on both sda and sdb. possible, sda calls it up on sdb.
[i am only trying to be sure we are of full understand of this matter]

anyway, in my last post to you, i mentioned that from grub command you
presented, you where wanting to install to /dev/sdb. i stated that that
is ok, if bios was set to boot /dev/sdb, else if set to /dev/sda, bios
would not see loader on /dev/sdb, unless maybe if /dev/sdb was set as
active instead of /dev/sda. not sure, as i have never tried booting that

About four weeks ago my commercial boot loader was blown away by the

so, this is what is calling grub on /dev/sdb. you do not need it and
may be better off if you just use grub on /dev/sda to select oos or
fedora. unless you have something that grub can not load.

if not, you can/should either follow tim's grub install using
 'grub <enter>' or use single command as you posted. either way, you
can/should change install to /dev/sda and make changes to 'grub.conf'
and include oos.

m2c. ymmv.




in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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