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Re: What is the matter with fedora 9?

Stephen Berg (Contractor) wrote:
Bill Davidsen wrote:
fedora wrote:
Hi every

What is the matter with fedora 9?

it introduced a NetworkManager which prohibits networking.

NetworkMangler has been around since FC6 (at least), by making it the default it became impossible to ignore. It does the right thing in cases where you have one hardwire or wireless connection which can see only one AP. For all other cases wait for the human readable documentation which will be here... or maybe not, since it was coming with FC7, 8, and 9.

After about a dozen installs of Fedora 9 I cannot agree with you on that. On every system save one there is only one network connection, in each of those cases it's been /dev/eth0 and NM would not enable the connection by default. Maybe there's documentation on the way that will make NM a breeze to configure but until that time it's out the window. I disable the NetworkManager service and enable the network service during kickstart installs. All my systems have a statically leased DHCP address and it works just fine.
Bottom line for me:  NM breaks far more than it fixes.

People who keep home directories across installs are the ones facing the most issues with NM on F9.

Its almost always a good idea to get a copy of gconf-cleaner and use it before testing out the abilities of the the new release.

On F9, be sure to remove any NM references to eth0, or any other hard wired interface. gconf-editor is good for that.

The new version of NM and system-config-network now work together. You MUST enable NM control, and start interface at boot, in system-config-network.

If you just want to tweak the file, edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and make sure that the following two lines appear in there.


Now NM will happily manage the interface.

Good Luck!

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