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Re: Upgrade from Fedora 7 to 9, no GUI

I tested Fedora 9 on my desktop using a Live disk and it worked fine. I downloaded the full set of CD's and performed the upgrade, but now I do not have my GUI desktop. It boots in text mode.

Any ideas where to start looking?

Your log files:	/var/log/messages

You haven't given us a lot to go on here. What video subsystem? Are the right drivers installed? 3rd party or Fedora supplied?

F9 is using 2.6.25 kernels and some drivers have problems with that (too bleeding edge for them). Various problems with 2.6.25 have been reported with both the nvidia and fglrx 3rd party drivers. Both have OSS counterparts that may run (with lack of accelerated features) until the bleeding edge problems get solved.

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