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Re: slmodem and kmod-slmodem

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Le 27.06.2008 15:16, Mikkel L. Ellertson a écrit :
| François Patte wrote:
|> Bonjour,
|> I installed slmodem package in order to try to have my laptop modem
|> working.
|> While slmodem is launched, it suggest that I have to install
|> kmod-slmodem but this seems imossible with last f8 kernel: missing
|> dependency: kernel is required but not found....
|> Is slmodem deprecated now? If yes whet is the new package?
| You have to install the kmod-slmodem that matches the installed kernel.
| You should have a matching module for each kernel you have installed.
| You end up having to install a new kmod-slmodem each time you install a
| new kernel.

OK! I am aware of this but isn't it only theoretical? Wall shall do, me,
just a simple mortal, if when I do "yum install kmod-foo", yum wants to
install an unavailable kernel from stone ages....

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