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Re: Fedora/grub bug -- I think ?

William Case wrote:
Hi Mikkel;

On Fri, 2008-06-27 at 08:13 -0500, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:

Dumb question - is this a brief flash, like the video changing modes, and not a longer pause between displays of the menu?

Not a dumb question. The flash lasts about 1/2 second.  Just long enough
for eyes to catch a Fedora blue screen, the word Fedora at the top of
the screen, and, the beginning of a menu box being written.  Then the
screen blanks for 2 - 3 seconds ( I have tried to count the times off)
and finally the splash image is fully redrawn.  When it loads for the
second time the Fedora name is at the bottom.  I mention that in support
of your idea it may be the video changing: maybe in the first instance
the splash image is not getting drawn properly.

Another thing, this started in F8.  I hadn't made the connection until
now and it just might be my frustration making invalid assumptions.
Keeping in mind I don't boot THAT often in order to always notice
exactly when the issue started.  But, two or three months ago, I
installed a new motherboard switching from an ATI video card to a Nvidia
on board video chip.

It sounds like you know more about grub than I do, so I can't give you any incisive insight. But your comment above made me wonder if this is a video driver issue rather than a grub issue. Have you tried the opposite driver. i.e. if you are using the closed source driver for your card, try the open source driver, or vice versa.

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