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Re: Fedora 9 /dev/rtc missing

> Here are some ideas in order of how likely I think they are:
> 1 - find out how to tell XP to use UCT on the hardware clock and reset it to
> UTC. This will also fix problems the next time our bonehead congress proves
> it doesn't understand time and resets DST.

I've heard that the UTC reg hack for Windows has some downsides and
that Windows does not always honor the registry value, though I am
starting to consider this.

> 2 - in GNOME go to system->administration->date&time, and on the "time zone"
> tab check that you have the TZ set and the hardware clock checked (or not,
> if you disregard my 1st idea).

Unfortunatley the gnome applet shows that I have "System Clock uses
UTC" set and I am unable to clear it due to the missing rtc dev file.
Interestingly enough when I run timeconfig it shows that "System Uses
UTC" is not checked.  My TZ is correctly set.

> 3 - use the acpi= boot options, you can look up which ones seem possible as
> solutions. It could be an ACPI problem, there were a lot of changes in that
> area with FC9 kernels. Actually with recent kernels, I think they're in FC8
> current as well.

Interesting that you bring it up as I am booting with apcpi=off to
avoid a system hang.  I wonder if I'm seeing some nasty results of
acpi issues.  My particular hardware is as follows (not that it will
help much):


  Intel Core 2 Duo E6600


  MSI 975X platinum v2
  Intel 975X northbridge
  Intel ICH7DH southbridge

  Nvidia 8800 GTS

It is an x86_64 install of Fedora 9.

> 4 - disable apic from the boot options line. Last resort, I have no idea why
> this might help, but I saw it in a posting elsewhere.

I'll look into this further see if anything comes of it, thanks for the help.

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