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Re: Fedora 9 /dev/rtc missing

byrdca gmail com wrote:
Here are some ideas in order of how likely I think they are:
1 - find out how to tell XP to use UCT on the hardware clock and reset it to
UTC. This will also fix problems the next time our bonehead congress proves
it doesn't understand time and resets DST.

I've heard that the UTC reg hack for Windows has some downsides and
that Windows does not always honor the registry value, though I am
starting to consider this.

2 - in GNOME go to system->administration->date&time, and on the "time zone"
tab check that you have the TZ set and the hardware clock checked (or not,
if you disregard my 1st idea).

Unfortunatley the gnome applet shows that I have "System Clock uses
UTC" set and I am unable to clear it due to the missing rtc dev file.
Interestingly enough when I run timeconfig it shows that "System Uses
UTC" is not checked.  My TZ is correctly set.

You should not need /dev/rtc for this. Unless they changed it for F9, you should be able to edit /etc/sysconfig/clock and set UTC=false. You may also have to run "hwclock --localtime --hctosys" to make sure thing get set write when you shutdown. (hwclock "remembers" the last use of --localtime or --utc.)


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