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usb internet hookup

My wife is off visiting her mother and she took her Fedora 8 laptop with her.

I set up network manager on it so it will just log into any available Internet
connection without any user intervention required.   It works fine here.

She just sent me this:  "I don't know if I will be able to use my laptop.
Esthel's modem is linked to her computer with a USB cable. Strange. I
tried to use both cable that's linked to the router but none worked. Maybe I'm
doing something wrong or as Esthel said we have to install something on
my computer but who knows if it has Linux."

The Internet there is a DSL connection from Mauritius Telecoms.  I've never
dealt with a setup like that, so does anyone know where to go from here?
Perhaps she's just out of luck?

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