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Re: MPEG video under Fedora 9

Craig White wrote:

>> Could some kind soul state as briefly and clearly as possible
>> what is required to play a .mpg video file under Fedora 9/KDE/Firefox?
>> On my laptop I see from System Settings=>Advanced=>File Associations
>> that I am given a choice for mpeg video files of
>>         GXine Video Player
>>         Gnome MPlayer
>>         MPlayer
>>         Movie Player
>>         Kaffeine
>> As a sample .mpg file I've taken
>> /usr/share/apps/k3b/extra/k3bphotosvcd.mpg .
> ----
> do you have any third party repositories installed? Livna? Other?

Yes. I have livna.repo enabled -
but no others, except fedora-update .

> follow this thread from a few days ago...
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2008-June/msg02561.html
> especially Rahul's answer...
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2008-June/msg02571.html

I read this, or rather the article
which it pointed to, but did not find it much help.

It seemed to be all about totem, which appears to be the application
called "Movie Player" in the f=>Applications=>Multimedia menu .

[Why it doesn't say that Movie Player means totem
I can't imagine - to me it just seems part
of the utter chaos that constitutes Fedora Multimedia.]

In any case, I installed totem-xine as suggested
and gave the command "totem-backend -b xine".
Then I ran Movie Player and open the file I mentioned
but all I saw was a meaningless mess of lines.

So I would ask again - has anyone successfully played an MPEG video
under Fedora-9?
If so, could you tell me what application you used,
and (if possible) any special codecs you installed.

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