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Re: Sagem Fast 800 E3 usb modem and Fedora 8

Craig White wrote:
That would require a second network card in the Windows XP machine, wouldn't
it?  Or am I on the wrong track here?

No, I think I was pretty clear.

maybe not, as he was asking a question, as you may note in above.

You did add to the confusion rather than clarify.


if he was, i will apologize him. had he replied before now, i would
have cleared up his confusion. as i did for another reply that did
not understand 'oos'.

USB does not allow for 2 'master' connections (2 computers sharing 1
device, with or without a USB hub). The specification simply doesn't
allow for that type of usage

of this, i am aware. if you reread what i wrote, it may be more clear
that i was saying plug laptop ethernet to xp ethernet or laptop usb
into xp usb. not plug 2 usb's into modem.

why go to expense of a wireless card if both system have a spare
ethernet or usb port? if no spare, then a less expensive card could
be purchased. being that this may be a one time deal, no need for
buying something expensive that may never be needed again.

so the above is pointless.

your opinion.

again, i will wait for his reply.

anyway, lets not make this a back and forth where it does not need to be.

take care.




in a free world without fences, who needs gates.

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