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Re: fedora 9 problem

Thanks Craig,
I boot the linux from the dvd in rescue mode and edit the grub.cong file by putting # in front of splashimage=.
After that i took the dvd out and tried to reboot it again. But  unfortunately it didnt work, It says Booting the kernel... and nothing happe after that,

2008/6/28 g <geleem bellsouth net>:
Craig White wrote:
what is output of 'cat /boot/grub/grub.conf'  ?

more so, what is output from grub?

if you have 'splashimage=' in your 'grub.conf', put a '# ' in front of it
to disable and allow you to see what happens after boot starts. you could
press <esc> after start, but you may miss something.

'splashimage' and using <esc> is not mentioned any grub manual, along with
several other helpful bits of information.

just one more reason i stated in another thread relating to grub, that manual
authors suck. 'grub' should be renamed 'sub' or 'cub'. you can draw your own
conclusions to what 's' and 'c' stand for.





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