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Re: What is the matter with fedora 9?

2008/6/27 Andrew Kelly <akelly corisweb org>:

> And they are nothing at all like the [whatever the opposite of flat
> earth folks are] who think things like NetworkManager and PulseAudio are
> the holy grail because there are circumstances where these are valuable
> tools in spite of the huge volume of other, more common, circumstances
> where they are in fact less useful than hammered dung. And why must the
> not-flat-earth-folks then disparage the flat-earth-folks for pointing
> out exactly this fact?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with NetworkManager. Circumstances
where it appears not to have worked are always due to your wilful
negligence or fevered delusions. In fact, its divine perfection is so
great that it would be sullied by condescending to provide meaningful
documentation or diagnostics.


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