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Re: Online resizing NTFS & ext3

Axel Thimm wrote:

I have a running F9 installation where I want to move some free space
from the NTFS partition to Fedora's.

Usually I don't even have an NTFS partition to get into this problem,
and if so I wipe the Linux partitions away, resize the NTFS partition
and reinstall Fedora/RHEL. Now with F9 doing a resize upon
installation this is even easier.

But wiping the Fedora partition isn't an option either in this
case. So how does one proceed? Which tools are the best for

o shrinking the inactive NTFS partition (fs & partition!) and
o enlarging the online ext3 fs & partition?

Or is this not feasable with ext3 online? Maybe only from a rescue

I would consider using gparted - there is a stand-alone CD image that you can boot from, thus avoiding the problems of working on a mounted file system.



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