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Re: speaking of grub graphical boot...

Tom Horsley wrote:
I have from time to time tried to make my own grub boot
image. I've seen all the rules I'm supposed to follow about
making it the right size and the right number of colors, and
my own attempts often work out fine.

But then there are those other times, when I'll have an
image that looks perfectly fine in gimp, or eog, or whatever,
but when grub displays it, the colors are completely wacked
out - not at all like the colors specified in the xpm file.

Anyone know what rule I am missing about restrictions
on the images?

Just a WAG, but are you using a different color map then the default color map in your images? I suspect that Grub is not changing the color map to match your image. But as I said, this is just a guess.


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