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Re: why all are thinking in that way only?

max wrote:
Parshwa Murdia wrote:
when i asked for the keylogger in my system, why people thought of illegal
activities only? it is MINE system and for use only in my system, i am
asking and further more, like one must have knowledge of viruses and then
only he can create an antivirus, similarly it is for the knowledge of
keylogger to prevent the thefts

If you want to know how to find keyloggers then you might want to look at how programs like chkrootkit and rkhunter function. As for installing one, well you'd go about that just like you would any other program. There is nothing special about a virus or keylogger, they are programs just like open office or vi. That is why anti-virus programs rely heavily on updates, it is very difficult to tell one program from another, if there was some magic flag that went up when a program was malicious there wouldn't be a virus problem. They use heuristics as well to try and determine if a program is malicious but programs flagged by heuristics are just as likely to be benign as malicious. The best solution is to strictly control what is allowed to execute on the system. How many programs do you really use on a regular basis?

Back to the OP, Google finds an number of keyloggers


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