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Re: Hardware browser??

Beartooth wrote:
On Mon, 30 Jun 2008 14:13:41 -0400, William Case wrote:

Hi Beartooth;

I am answering this at the risk of offending you.

	On the contrary! Many thanks! 

	When in doubt, assume I *have* missed something; as the Boomers 
retire and escape the Gates of Hell, there will be accelerating numbers 
of people needing the same things -- even when I do know or have seen, as 
was not the case here. You're a great help!
Because of the advice given in response to your original post and
wanting a hardware browser myself, I downloaded  and installed lshw-gui.
A little confusing at first, the display needs to be better configured.

Are you clicking on each of the components to get the details ?

(i.e.  It's parts tree is horizontal rather than vertical)

	No, in fact I hadn't. I certainly wondered why the display was so 
sparse, but a horizontal tree is new to me (at least if it's an 
electronic tree).

	So I tried lshw, lshw-gui, and lshw-gui &; but no combination of 
left clicks, right clicks, and hitting enter with either of the latter 
two got me any more than a tiny yellow box saying "This pane 
displays .... <whatever>" (I have all machines set to single-click, in 
case that matters.) And I get that much (more than I had before) just by 
hovering the cursor.


Mine is set to single-click as well but, in this gui, I had to double-click the bold entries to get down into the meat of the information.

Pretty cool tool.


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