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Re: ssh reverse tunnel

On Mon, 2008-06-30 at 13:51 -0400, Christopher K. Johnson wrote:
> Rick Bilonick wrote:
> > This works fine. The only problem is the connection always times out
> > even though I've changed the sshd_config files on both machines to keep
> > it alive. I've restarted the sshd daemon also. Not sure why the
> > connection keeps closing.
> >   
> Some firewalls have a time limit on connections, and the connections 
> will fail as soon as that timeout occurs.  Note when the ssh session is 
> started, and when it times out.  See if there is a consistent connection 
> duration.
> If that is occuring the only solutions are to alter the timeout on the 
> firewall (I did that on some checkpoint firewalls a few years ago) or 
> re-initiate the connection whenever it goes down (yum install autossh).  
> Obviously the latter is not ideal because your inbound session is lost 
> uncleanly and you cannot predict when it will happen unless you know 
> what the firewall connection timeout is for that port, and when the 
> session was initiated.  But if it means that getting a connection 
> remains possible that would be better than losing the capability until 
> you are next in the office.
> Chris
> -- 
>    "Spend less!  Do more!  Go Open Source..." -- Dirigo.net
>    Chris Johnson, RHCE #804005699817957

I just checked - I was wrong. The ssh tunnel connection to home doesn't
time out. What timed out was just a regular ssh connection (that I was
using to test the reverse tunnel). I'm not sure why the regular one
timed out but the reverse tunnel did not (but I'm not complaining).


Rick B.

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