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Re: BOINC again !? -- I give up.

On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 5:43 PM, Mike Evans <mike tandem f9 co uk> wrote:
>>> It strikes me that something is *really* broken with Network Manager.
>>> Other services wait until they start before returning to the next item
>>> in the startup sequence.  Network Manager seems to be returning as
>>> ready, before it is, and buggering up other things that follow.
>> ----
> My experience with NM is that it starts, but doesn't actually do anything
> until you get a gnome/KDE login, particularly for wireless connections.  Way
> too late for any network activity during the init sequence.
> For machines with a wired connection I have been in the habit of disabling
> NM and using the good old network service.  Works like a dream and doesn't
> need tampering with.  You can do that through the Admin->services gui if you
> don't like fiddling with the links in the init directories.
> Having said that I'm still on Fedora 8, so things may have improved.
> (Doesn't sound like it though!)
> Mike
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I run a laptop and BOINC, but no NetworkManager, and just wanted to
mention that I didn't have any problem with the yum package on F9

Oh, and I highly recommend using the one of the boinc account manangers:


Glad to hear got the issue resolved,


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