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Re: How do I make my task bar hide when it's not being accessed?

On Friday, Oct 31st 2008 at 16:55 -0000, quoth Marcelo Magno T. Sales:

=>Em Sex 31 Out 2008, Steven W. Orr escreveu:
=>> On Thursday, Oct 30th 2008 at 23:57 -0000, quoth Anoop:
=>> =>On Fri, Oct 31, 2008 at 9:08 AM, Steven W. Orr <steveo syslang net>
=>> wrote: =>> Under F9, kde, I don't see how to get to the controls to
=>> cause my taskbar to =>> hide? Anyone know where the controls are?
=>> =>Update to the new KDE packages using yum. You will get auto hide
=>> feature. =>To enable auto hiding:
=>> => o Unlock the widgets.
=>> => o Click on task bar plasma cashew.
=>> => o Click more settings.
=>> => o Click auto hide.
=>> =>
=>> I feel like a mental midget! I did the update so now I'm running
=>> kde-4.1. It looks good. I just don't see how to "Unlock the widgets".
=>> If I can get that far then I'm ready for the next challenge of The
=>> Mighty Cashew.
=>You can unlock the widgets by clicking the color palette icon on the 
=>top-right corner of the screen or by right-clicking the plasma panel. 
=>If you don't see an "Unlock widgets" option there, this is because 
=>they're already unlocked. In this case, you'll see "Lock widgets".

Thanks Marcelo. I'd have never found that. :-)

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