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Re: Slow Second Access to Internet

On Fri, 31 Oct 2008 14:49:46 -0400, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> On 10/28/2008 08:19 PM, Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED wrote:
>> In summery, it appears at this time that the repeated DNS problem (if
>> it is really that) is isolated to Firefox.
> A couple of things first.
> There is a daemon, nscd that causes DNS to cache locally. Additionally,
> is your Linux system using a static IP, and if so, how does it have DNS
> configured, through the router or locally. Then on Windows, bring up a
> comand prompt and run "ipconfig /all", and look at the name servers.
> If nscd is not running, manually start it:"sudo service nscd start" You
> could also start it with the system service menu also.
> Also, your name servers are in /etc/resolv.conf
> This list should be similar to your Windows ones. It is possible that
> your primary name server could be offline, or far away. Since your
> Windows systems do not exhibit this problem, it is probably something
> unique to the way you have F9 configured.
> You also might be able to use ping to trouble shoot the problem.
> Remember, with firefox, and other browsers you are possibly hitting a
> number of different web servers so that by not caching DNS locally, it
> is costing you.
> --
> Jerry Feldman <gaf blu org>
> Boston Linux and Unix
> PGP key id: 537C5846
> PGP Key fingerprint: 3D1B 8377 A3C0 A5F2 ECBB  CA3B 4607 4319 537C 5846

Thanks for this; starting nscd solved the problem.  Firefox is
now fine, and I may have also improved pan, but I'll have to
wait for a weekday daytime (at -0500) to be sure, because at
other times there is less of a problem.

FYI, My name server primary is set to my router which, in turn,
is set to nameservers from my provider (Verizon). The secondary
is also set to one provided by Verizon.  Also my WAN and all my
LAN IP addresses are static.


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