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Re: CUPS, Alpine, and printserving

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> If you are using the CUPS web administration, look at the "Device
>> URI:" line. One should be a USB device, and one an
>> ippd://<address>:631/<something> - the ipp:// one should be the
>> default on all but the machine with the printer attached.
> Dear Mikkel,
> Are you suggesting one should use the ipp:// URI rather than http:// ?
> I always use the http one, on the grounds that I've heard of http .
> Is there really any difference?
> I assume one is not really using http, just the protocol.
Yes, I am for the printer URI. http: is HyperText Transfer Protocol
- ipp: is Internet Printing Protocol (If I have the acronyms
correct.) In any case, it is one of the printing protocols, and it
is designed for network printers. On the other hand, http: is not
designed to be a printer protocol. To a large extent, it is
replacing the older lpr protocol.

When you are accessing the CUPS web interface, you would still use
http:// to get the human-readable interface. But your printer should
not be doing this.

> It's a pity CUPS gives an inordinately long URI for USB printers.
Well, part of the reason for this is to make sure you are printing
to the correct printer, even if it is plugged into a different port,
or in a different order. It also makes sure you are talking to the
correct function on multi-function devices.

I don't know it there are USB printers that support different print
queues, but I imagine that would also affect the URI. I know it does
on ipp printers and print servers. (The last <something> in the URI
is normally the print queue.)


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