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Re: CUPS, Alpine, and printserving

On Sat, 01 Nov 2008 11:26:06 -0500, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:

> Beartooth wrote:
>> On Sat, 01 Nov 2008 15:40:42 +0000, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>> Isn't it easier just to say
>>> 	telnet 192.168.a.b 631
>>> Doesn't this tell you if you are connected to the CUPS server much
>>> more simply?
>> 	I take care not to install telnet, or to remove it if anaconda
>> installs it.
> The telnet client is handy to have. The telnet server is the one you
> would normally want to remove.

	Apps like pirut and the packagekit give me only a single choice, 
telnet or no telnet, without any indication of role; and rpm -q says "not 
installed." So I had supposed, absent any indication to the contrary, 
that it was a single package, comprising if not functioning as both a 
server and a client -- and nobody ever told me "Get rid of telnet 
server," but simply "Get rid of telnet." Also, if I plug the numbers in 
to "telnet 192.168.a.b 631" I get an error saying "command not found."

	If I try "yum install telnet-client" or "...telnet_client," or 
"...telnetclient," I get a message saying no such package is available.

	If I put a space between the words, as if telnet and client were 
two apps, it tells me client is not available, and offers to install 
telnet -- one unitary thing.

	How then can you get a client without a server? If I let yum 
install this one thing, is there then (only then) a way to split it and 
get rid of half? Remember I neither have nor am likely to acquire the 
savvy to handle electronic attacks.

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
I try to be paranoid, but I just can't keep up.

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