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Re: CUPS, Alpine, and printserving

Beartooth wrote:
On Sat, 01 Nov 2008 09:41:14 -0800, Mike Wright wrote:

Beartooth wrote:


	How then can you get a client without a server? If I let yum
install this one thing, is there then (only then) a way to split it and
get rid of half? Remember I neither have nor am likely to acquire the
savvy to handle electronic attacks.

There are different packages: telnet (the client) and telnet-server.

Oho! Then all those who said "get rid of telnet" really *meant* "get rid of telnet-server." Right?

So does that mean I should run "yum install telnet" on all machines? With the server on none? Or only the client on only the machine with the printer? What responds to "telnet 192.168.a.b 631" on a machine with no telnet at all? For that matter, what about "ssh 192.168.a.b 631" instead? I am at least relatively familiar with ssh.

The above ssh command won't work.

As somebody earlier pointed out telnet is a very handy tool for checking to see if other services are running.

Is my mailserver listening? telnet mailserver 25
Can I check my mailbox? telnet popserver 110
Webserver? telnet www 80

If the service answers you can then feed it commands as if you were a real client (which you actually are).

Services typically answer with the advice "to escape type ^]". (That means control-].) If you get back to the telnet> prompt type quite to exit.

As to where to install it? At least on one machine. Preferably the one that you use for most of your testing; although, I don't see any harm in installing it on your other machines. If you are afraid that somebody else may use it to "look around" install it onto a USB stick and mount the stick onto whichever machine you're testing from. That way you can be certain that your telnet client is removed when you remove the stick.

Telnet can be a very good friend.

hth, :m)

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