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Re: Fedora vs RedHat

Les Mikesell wrote:

> The real problem with this from a user's perspective is that no version
> of fedora ever 'matures'.  That is, you can participate in the process,
> report bugs, etc., but you never end up with a resulting improved,
> stable version that is useful for any length of time because every
> version is quickly discarded and replaced with new betas from upstream.

I have quite a lot of sympathy with your general view.
But if you want something with a long life-span why not try Centos?

Personally, I run Fedora on most of my computers
because in my experience it is the most likely OS to meet my needs.
I'm afraid I don't run it to test updates for the good of humanity, 
or of RedHat.

I don't find upgrades to new Fedora versions are particularly onerous;
if I did I would certainly change to another distribution.

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