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Re: Which one is better Ubuntu Or Fedora 9

Antonio Olivares wrote:

Which one do you think is better and for what
reasons. Ubuntu or Fedora
9. Personally I like Fedora 9.

Better for what? It is a matter of using the correct
tool for the job.
The job is sir to have the best Linux environment. So which
is better, Fedora OR Ubuntu?


Great Question :)
Sorry to nose in on this question.  But how about BOTH!
Fedora for getting in recent/latest packages ie. kernel, gcc, glibc, ..., etc.
Ubuntu LTS(Long Term Support), very useful help pages throughout the net(little more than Fedora), more support other than LTS, ..., etc.,
cutomized versions(Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Mythbuntu, ..., Ubuntu Christian Edition, Ubuntu Muslim Edition, ...) Which is better Ford or Chevy? Wait there's also Dodge, Toyota, ..., great to have choices. Linux is like this also. I happen to agree with Mikkel on this one :)

While having choices is nice, if you are going to make the inevitable internet car analogy, if one of the companies (Linux distros in general) only has about 1% of the total market to begin with, would you still think it was a good idea to fragment that into a bazillion models that can't be supported with interchangeable parts? You aren't talking Ford and Chevy here - it's more like DeLorian and Tesla.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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