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Re: Which one is better Ubuntu Or Fedora 9

On Sunday 02 November 2008 01:21:04 pm Les Mikesell wrote:
>>> really big snip
> The Ford Edsel model might be a good match to what fedora does.  Have
> you heard of that one?  It stuck all the new technology available in
> 1957 into one car.  Engineering-wise it was not bad at all, but it was
> such a flop in acceptance that the name became a joke.

Funny that you should mention the Edsel as it played a very important role in 
my life. In late February, 1958, I finished my active duty in the US Army, 
and returned to my home town (Detroit), I got my previous job back as a 
draftsman at a company that manufactured radiators and air conditioners for 
the auto industry. I was kind of lucky, because there was a recession at the 
time and jobs were scarce.

My first assignment was to prepare the layout drawings for the air 
conditioner/heater plenum assembly for the high end 1959 Edsel models which 
was the first American car to combine the heating and air conditioning units 
into one system. (For those unfamiliar with 1950's US automotive terminology, 
the plenum is the big molded plastic bit that channels the conditioned air to 
the various outlets in the passenger compartment.) It was a top priority job 
that had to be completed by early April with lots of overtime.

I put in 60 to 70 actual hours every week -- that works out to 70 to 85 hours 
on payday, so that when I got married in April, my bride and I owned very 
piece of furniture and appliances in our apartment, and had some bucks left 
over. Still got the couch, the wife and some other stuff, and they are still 
very useful. And comfortable. I'm pretty much worn out, though. And the money 
is gone. *Sigh*

-- cmg

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