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Re: Fedora / RedHat - The problem

Brian C. Huffman wrote:
> Alright  I hate Microsoft.  I really do.  But here I am at 11:45pm on 
> a Sunday night and my wife needs to print a paper for tomorrow.
> My Fedora cups  / samba server worked before and now it doesnt.  Was 
> it an update that broke?  I dunno.  But this is why RedHat / Fedora is 
> never going to take the upper hand.   Reboots on both platforms, a bunch 
> of tcpdumps and still no idea.  No real user should have to go through 
> this.  Sure  Ill figure it out.  But is that what someone wants when 
> theyve got a paper to print thats due tomorrow?
Sorry to hear about your problem.   Yet, your post sounds a bit of knee
jerk reaction and a bit of venting.   Neither of which does anyone any good.

To counter your reaction....I've been using RHEL for quite a few years
and never had a printing problem.  Well, maybe that isn't quite
accurate.  I did have a few problems about 2 or 3 years ago when I
changed my printer configuration and forgot a few tricks or maybe the
tricks changed.  Too long ago to recall.

Anyway, that doesn't mean that updates in Fedora don't break things from
time to time.  But, when it does happen it is a good idea to report the
problem (a bug or on this list) and then report the fix.  Just
venting...and not giving any clues is just not being helpful.  Some may
even consider it to be whining. 

FWIW, instead of venting....maybe you could have told folks what your
problem is/was and they would have responded with "Oh, yes, I've seen
that...the fix is....".

For courage mounteth with occasion. -- William Shakespeare, "King John"

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