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Old Fedora or Redhat Updates.

I have some current kernel code that I would like to compare to an
implementation of several years ago.

When I try to compile the old kernel, I get an error message telling
me that my C compiler is too new (!).

So, I have some old CDs, and can install an old Redhat (v9) or Fedora 
(v1 or v2) but I realize that there were many updates to all of these.

Needless to say, I dont find any updates left on the WEB for these
old distributions.

I havent followed what people selling CDs have.  Does anyone sell
OLD distributions including the updates?

Im sure I can get along without the updates (unless they turn out to
be to something significant) as this will all be done behind a good
firewall, but Im interested in knowing whats available.  Perhaps in
the future I should copy all the updates to a DVD before they go
away,-- just in case.
                                        reg dwf com

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