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Re: Non-kde app launcher in KDE4 F9?

g <geleem <at> bellsouth.net> writes:

> have a look at;
>  http://linux.derkeiler.com/Mailing-Lists/KDE/2008-08/msg00030.html

Certainly for applications already in the menu for kickoff it is easy.
However one functionality that I have relied on for years is to run
a program from a bash script that is stored in an area on say /opt
In the past it was easy to make a launcher in KDE and then configure it
to execute any script that I wanted, and to select any icon I wanted.

The discussion you refer to seems not to answer that specific requirement
or to suggest any easy alternative.

This for me is a basic need and is a blocker to using KDE4 as a routine

As an example if I install a third party application such as Maple which
does not create any menu items to run it during the install process then
it is necessary to have a link to the binary in order to execute it.
For such an application it is vital to be able to make a quick launcher
of some kind otherwise running it routinely is tedious.

Are there plans to include this basic functionality in 4.2?

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