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Re: Non-kde app launcher in KDE4 F9?

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Mike wrote:

> Certainly for applications already in the menu for kickoff it is easy.

have another look and note what i posted. [kde3]

being lazy, any liking to keep cli terse, i wrote scripts for 'ifup eth1' and
'ifdown eth1' which i named 'ifu' and 'ifd'. i then edited 'k menu' and added
these 2 scripts with 'up arrow' and 'down arrow' as icons. then i added them
to 'quick launcher' where they stand out well.

you should be able to do same in kde4, unless it does not allow editing of
'k menu'. i installed f9, but did not spend much time playing with it to
find out if 'k menu' could be edited. which i would hope ability would still
be. in kde3 it is right click on icon and select 'menu editor'.

> However one functionality that I have relied on for years is to run
> a program from a bash script that is stored in an area on say /opt

good a place as any. i have a path of '/home/users/scripts/' where i keep
all user scripts and link it to each users '~/'. for root, i use a private
directory '/root/bin/' where i put special binaries and scripts for root
use only as they are not available thru 'su' or 'sudo'.

> In the past it was easy to make a launcher in KDE and then configure it

a lot of things where easy in kde prior to kde4. hopefully, when f10 gets
a few months out, kde4 will have 'goodies' of kde3 available.

> Are there plans to include this basic functionality in 4.2?

your guess is as good as mine. i am on kde email list, but do not believe
i have seen much of kde3 features getting move up to kde4. there is a lot
planned, but with all of how kde4 was 'improved', there is no telling when
'proven' will get moved in.
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