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Re: Fedora / RedHat - The problem

On Sun, 2008-11-02 at 23:51 -0500, Brian C. Huffman wrote:
> Alright  I hate Microsoft.  I really do.  But here I am at 11:45pm on 
> a Sunday night and my wife needs to print a paper for tomorrow.
> My Fedora cups  / samba server worked before and now it doesnt.  Was 
> it an update that broke?  I dunno.  But this is why RedHat / Fedora
> is 
> never going to take the upper hand.   Reboots on both platforms, a
> bunch 
> of tcpdumps and still no idea.  No real user should have to go
> through 
> this.  Sure  Ill figure it out.  But is that what someone wants when 
> theyve got a paper to print thats due tomorrow?
> I dont think so.
> -b
Given the fact that I spent most of Friday night, trying to resolve a
weird problem parent's XP/SP2 machine that rendered it DOA.
Now, I was called to diagnose the problem after my parent's local
computer technician told them to reinstall everything from scratch.

In the end, it was one of MS' recent patches that screwed something in
ZoneAlarm, which in-turn, killed the Internet dialer.

I know it had been said 10,000 times before, but Fedora is bleeding edge
and changing fast, one shouldn't use it unless he/she understand what
bleeding edge means.

Oh, Fedora != RedHat.

- Gilboa

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