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Re: Fedora vs RedHat

Craig White wrote:

I would certainly find Fedora more useful if it got security fixes for a year instead of six months.
Fedora gets security fixes and updates for two releases + 1 month, or
about 13 months total.
But read the list of bug fixes in the updates to understand why you really don't want to upgrade anything important until after about 6 months after a release.
for S & G's, name a new release OS of any type, FLOSS or proprietary
that you felt comfortable jumping all over with 'anything important'
before it had 6 months under it's belt.

CentOS has been solid from day 1, at least for versions 3, 4, and 5. Of course by the time it gets released there has been some time for RHEL to have pushed updates for anything drastically wrong, and RHEL is pretty well tested before release anyway. But, even if you hold off 6 months while testing your own apps on the new OS and working out ways to take advantage of any new features, you still have 6 1/2 years of update support life left with RHEL/Centos. With fedora, by the time you might trust a release the update support is almost over.
I am NEVER the first one to install RHEL or CentOS big update releases
and always wait at least a few days while others dip their toes in the
water so to speak.

But in reality, you are undoubtedly referring to incremental releases,
i.e. RHEL/CentOS 5.2 because I'm quite sure that you aren't referring to
say the original 5.0 or the upcoming 6.0 releases.

Yes, I did mean the X.0 versions. Even at that point they have had more QA than anything in fedora (mostly because the bulk of it came through fedora...). There were some bugs in 5.0 but not the machine-crashing kind on any of the machines where I installed it. By contrast, even near the end of FC6's life, a kernel update would not boot on some common scsi controllers.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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