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X resource question on F9

This is complicated and I generally don't do well with complex problems here, but let's give it a shot. :-(

I have an X resource question that relates to how the xrdb command interplays with kdm/xdm.

I have two environment variables:


Also, I have a ~/.Xresources file which contains these two lines:

*customization: -color
*StringConversionWarnings: on

In my ~/.app-defaults I have a file called XTerm-color

When I log in using KDM, I can look at my RESOURCE_MANAGER property and I can see along with a lot of other values:

533 > xrdb -query | egrep 'customization|StringConversion'
*StringConversionWarnings:      on
*customization: -color

But the color settings I have in my ~/.app-defaults/XTerm-color are not working and I don't have a clue why. But one thing I do see is that if after I log in I say:

xrdb -load ~/.Xresources

then everything works just fine.

The goal is that I want my own resources to used when I run my app by searching the classes specified in the two variables above.

Can someone help?

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