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Re: Non-kde app launcher in KDE4 F9?

Rex Dieter <rdieter <at> math.unl.edu> writes:

> Create a .desktop file for it.  It's not hard.
> I'm sure kde(4) will add a gui for doing that, but afaik, it's not there
> yet, and not on the radar.  Might be a fun itch to scratch for someone who
> really wants that... hint hint. :)

Indeed so Rex.  Sure I can find out what is needed for a desktop file, and 
make an appropriate one, and then add it in... but it would be a heck of a
lot easier to be able to do a few mouse clicks and add in the path to the
script and the icon - especially if doing it more than a few times!

But what about the less experienced new arrival to Linux? Could he/she
do it easily and before frustration took priority or would it mean that a
move to a different distro was easier than trying to get an "essential"
non-Fedora program running easily?

The previous poster referred to KDE3.5 where this has been available for
years. However this is really sorely needed in KDE4 so I do hope that it will
be brought within radar range before too long.

Maybe it is possible to code a plasmoid that is a token for adding your own
icon and path to a script or executable? I have not tried to write code for 
that so I don't know if it is a long job or not.  However given the rate at
which plasmoids/widgets appear it is presumably not entirely trivial.

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