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Re: Livna / RPMFusion updates

On 03.11.2008 19:18, Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
On Mon, 2008-11-03 at 11:53 -0600, Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Mon, Nov 03, 2008 at 09:33:53 -0800,
  Jonathan Ryshpan <jonrysh pacbell net> wrote:
I recently accepted an update of the Livna repository info from
livna-release-9-1.noarch to livna-release-9-2.noarch . This caused the
availability of a large number of updates from the RPMFusion repo. Should I trust these updates? The GPG signature for the RPMFusion repo
is not right now installed.
That is up to you.
Livna is combining with a few other repositories to form RPMFusion and they
have recently started the cutover.
Of note is that libdvdcss isn't going to make the move to RPMFusion and people
who want that will need to get it someplace else.
Thanks for your quick replies.  I don't have any trouble with the Livna

Note that all packages that have been moved to RPM Fusion will likely vanish from the Livna repos soon, to give those people a heads up that haven't heard about bright RPM Fusion future yet. But that should just be a minority of people, as normally everyone will get transferred to RPM Fusion automatically.

I thought that when I
upgraded to livna-release-9-2 this would install the proper security
certificates, etc.  [...]

That didn't happen on purpose -- importing the keys automatically would have been easily possible, but that's a bit like changing the door of a house and the keys for the door on the keyring without telling the one that owns the house/the keyring.

Livna expressed its trust in the keys by signing the rpmfusion-release packages with the Livna key. So if you up to now trusted the stuff you got from Livna then you can consider to do so now as well.


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