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Re: Livna / RPMFusion updates

On 03.11.2008 19:03, Frank Cox wrote:
On Mon, 03 Nov 2008 11:53:55 -0600
Bruno Wolff III <bruno wolff to> wrote:

Livna is combining with a few other repositories to form RPMFusion and they
have recently started the cutover.
As RPMFusion includes both Fedora and RHEL (Centos) rpms,

Note that the support for EL is not really finished yet (but a few bits are in the testing repos for EL). Help appreciated.

is the objective to
coordinate the Fedora and EL sides so everything that's available for Fedora is
also available for EL, and vice versa?

Everything that is in Fedora which is not in EL can be packaged in EPEL. RPM Fusion doesn't compete with EL or EPEL, hence the EL branch in RPM Fusion will normally not ship packages which are acceptable for EPEL.

Up to this point, Livna has more-or-less provided one-stop-shopping for
"unofficial" Fedora rpms, but accomplishing the same goal on Centos requires
the installation of a number of different repositories and setting yum priorities. It would be nice to have the same unified experience with Centos as one gets with Fedora.

That's basically the goal afaics, just with EPEL in the mix. EPEL here is a bit like Fedora Extras in the Fedora Core days. Back then Livna set on top of Fedora Core + Extras; RPM Fusion for EL now sits on top of EL + EPEL.

Hope that helps.


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