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Re: Announcing Fedora Classroom Sessions

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 2:38 PM, Kevin Fenzi <kevin scrye com> wrote:
I thought I would post here for those that haven't seen the
announcement about classroom sessions yet:


(and do consider taking a few minutes now to subscribe to

A few things to add to the announcement:

We will be logging these classroom IRC sessions and putting them up on
the fedoraproject.org wiki. So, if you are unable to attend you can
take a look at the logs at your leasure.

We will be holding another set of classes in december, which will be
stagged so that folks in other timezones will have a better chance to
attend. See the wiki page for more details.

Hope to see lots of folks there!


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I'm on it, actually the timetable for november is just perfect for me :D


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